What is your status?

Getting tested is the only way to know if you have (or don’t have) HIV. Everyone should have a test at least once in their life. Knowing your HIV status gives you control over your own health and can help you to make choices to keep you and your partner(s) healthy.

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If you are HIV-positive

There are many healthcare providers and community organizations in Southwestern Pennsylvania that can help you manage your medication and other support services you might need so you can stay healthy and live a long life. Check out available resources if you are living with HIV.

If you are HIV-negative

If you think you might be at risk for HIV, you can take a daily pill called PrEP that can keep you HIV-negative. 

If you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant

You should be tested for HIV so that if you are HIV-positive, you can begin medical treatment and lower the risk of passing HIV to your baby.  

Where to test?

There are many organizations in Southwestern PA that offer free or low-cost testing, even if you don’t have health insurance. Find an HIV testing site near you. Free at-home HIV self-test kits are now available from the Pennsylvania Department of Health for anyone who lives in Pennsylvania. You can request a free HIV self-test kit at getmyhivtest.com.  

To learn more about the basics of HIV, please visit HIV.gov.